Tour Participant Terms and Conditions

Please follow these steps to complete your tour reservation.

  • Select the terms and conditions for the tour you wish to book.

  • Sign the Docusign document and close the Docusign window.

  • Return to the checkout and click proceed to payment.

(Each tour participant must sign their own terms and conditions document.)

Glorious Scotland-Tour Participant T&C's (2019)

KERA TV-Tour Participant T&C's (2019)

WUCF TV-Tour Participant T&C's (2019)

Acorn TV A Tour of England T&C’s (2019)

Great British Telly Tour Participant T&C’s (2019)

Atlanta PBA & WABE Tour Participant T&C’s (2019)

Milwaukee PBA & WABE Tour Participant T&C’s (2019)