Building an Exceptional Transcendent Travel Experience


By Andrew Lannerd, Lead Tour Director and Vice President of Transcendent Travel


Highclere Castle - the setting for PBS television series, Downton Abbey.

Highclere Castle - the setting for PBS television series, Downton Abbey.

Here at Transcendent Travel, the process of building a new tour for our portfolio lasts about a year. It is a year of in-depth research, scouting, communication and site visits, so that everything our travelers experience will be exceptional from start to finish.

We thoroughly research and visit every hotel, site and restaurant on our tour itineraries in order to ensure that nothing is left to chance, and that our high-standards are met.

I take great pride in knowing that when you go on tour with us, we know at all times the delicious menus that will be offered -- from the number of courses to the pairing of wines, every detail has been planned in advance.

We specialize in experience-based-travel, which means that we are always looking for that special touch or experience which will make the visit special and memorable. We are always looking for ways to enhance every destination. 

So, the process of building an exceptional tour is long -- but when the end result is a pleased traveler, then it’s all worth it.

Last summer at the end of one of my tours I was handed a note from a very experienced traveler that read “I have never experienced anything so well planned in my entire life”.

That’s the type of feedback we strive for everyday as we lead and plan current and future tours.

I do hope to see you on a future tour with Transcendent Travel, where you can be assured of a high-quality, memorable experience, that will surpass your expectations.


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